Information Sessions

If you requested an information session, the date, time and location of your session will also be available on your schedule. You will also be forwarded a copy of your room confirmation for your records. Please review all schedule and information session details to confirm the information is correct.

The Career Center is committed to providing the best possible experience to recruiters hosting information sessions. Because the Ferguson Center is the only location on campus with evening staff available to answer questions about room arrangement and A/V needs, the Career Center staff will reserve rooms ONLY in the Ferguson. If you would like to host an information session in an academic building or other location on campus, please contact the faculty or staff responsible for that area to coordinate your session. Also, please let us know your information session details so that we can post them with your schedule.

Catering for Information Sessions

Bama Dining is the contract caterer for the Ferguson Center. Please visit the Bama Dining Catering website to view the catering guide.