Job Search Strategies

Job search strategies will vary according to your industry and personal preferences. Meeting with someone at the Career Center can help you identify which ways will be most effective for your desired job or field. Studies have shown that the most effective job search strategy for any field is networking. At least 75% of jobs are acquired through this method of asking others (professors, family, friends, and daily contacts) for assistance in locating positions. Other methods of searching for a job include:

  1. Attending career fairs
  2. Conducting informational interviews and job shadowing
  3. Participating in cooperative education or internships
  4. Studying overseas
  5. Volunteering
  6. Responding to openings advertised in print and online (CrimsonCareers)
  7. Contacting employers directly
  8. Interviewing through the Career Center
  9. Posting your resume on job boards

Contact the Career Center to set up an appointment for further discussion on your specific search, or stop by one of our three locations (330 Ferguson, 250 Bidgood, 105 Bevill).

Exploring Majors and Careers

Self-assessment is important to the process of choosing a major and a career. Knowing the type of work and environment that will suit your interests, skills, personality, and values will increase your chances of finding a satisfying career and major. What subjects do you enjoy? In which subjects do you do well? Which subjects are most difficult for you? What values do you look for in a job?

Some students may benefit from assessments or interest inventories when trying to identify a good career or major fit. Another helpful way of choosing a major is to look at a complete list of UA majors and read about an overview of the major and what types of job settings and titles you can expect. The Career Center can help you determine the best step toward identifying possible careers to research further.